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Insurance Restoration

Severe weather causes considerable damage as it passes through. When the skies clear, homeowners are left with significant repairs that can be quite costly. Dealing with insurance companies leaves many frustrated, as the process takes weeks or months to sort through. The extensive paperwork and endless negotiations delay getting needed work done. Fortunately, Dream Design Construction LLC specializes in working with insurers to quickly and effectively resolve claims so your home is restored sooner – without the stress of dealing with insurance adjusters.

Experienced First Responders

As soon as you notify the experts at Dream Design Construction LLC that you have storm damage, they come to your home right away. They ensure everything is secure, and they take the steps necessary to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of further destruction. Experienced contractors inspect the house inside and out, documenting any issues requiring restoration services. Dream Design Construction LLC then handles all insurance paperwork from start to finish for your convenience. Your home repairs are paid through the insurance proceeds, so you don’t have to worry about any up-front expenses.

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Common Damage Caused by Hail

Hail is particularly dangerous, whether it comes in small pellets or large balls. The biggest problem is that much of the damage passes unnoticed at first, so it is never corrected. Homeowners discover the issue when larger concerns come up as a result of earlier storms. Instead of fixing small dents and dings or a few missing shingles and roofing tiles, it is a matter of major leaks, water damage, mold, and more. Common problems that start small and grow serious when left unrepaired include:

  • Tears in roofing materials
  • Loss of roofing materials
  • Dents, cracks, or rips in siding
  • Loss of siding
  • Damage to outdoor decks
  • Water penetration of interior spaces
  • Broken or cracked window glass
  • Damage to window seals
  • Cracks or breaks in gutters or downspouts
  • Missing gutters or downspouts
  • Lost or damaged insulation materials

Your roof is the first line of defense when weather gets fierce, and it takes the brunt of the storm. When hail comes down, even small bits are strong enough to have a major impact. Dents, cracks, and rips quickly expand, and often roofing materials vanish completely. However, these problems aren’t always immediately evident.

Without a thorough inspection by a licensed contractor, the first sign of trouble is large water stains in the ceiling. This occurs when moisture gets in after a storm has ripped or blown off shingles. Without a protective barrier, water easily penetrates the roof deck. After that, it is only a matter of time before your ceiling is soaked through. Choosing early intervention means you can head off the major issues caused by water entering your home unchecked. Completing repairs when they are still small saves you time and money.

Cracks and tears to window seals, siding, and insulation cause similar problems, letting moisture into walls. When insulation gets wet, there is a risk of mold growing, which is linked to serious health conditions. After a significant storm, particularly when hail is involved, call the experts at Dream Design Construction LLC for a complete evaluation to catch and repair problems before it is too late to file your insurance claim.

Bear in mind that most insurance companies require inspection by licensed roofing personnel in order to move forward with processing. We specialize in hail damage inspection, and we have extensive experience dealing with insurers. For your convenience, we complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf to ensure a full, fair settlement.

Damage from Flooding and Fires

The devastation that comes with house fires or severe flooding is every home owner’s biggest fear. After ensuring all of the home’s occupants are safe, the next step is to look over the damage. The sight of your property after a fire or flood is often overwhelming, and many find they have no idea how to start putting their lives back together.

Dream Design Construction LLC has the knowledge and experience to ease you through the insurance process. Call Dream Design Construction LLC as soon as possible after flooding or fire to secure your home, evaluate damage, and file your claim without delay.